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You get unprecedented access and insight into Steve's career body of work for only $199.00 - pay all at once or break it up into 4 easy payments of $49.99! You'll get ALL the content as the lessons & bonus materials are released over the months to come!

About Steve

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Steve Bell

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A professional music career spanning over 40 years & counting... Over 22 Studio Albums... Over 500,000 Albums Sold... Over 3000 live Concerts... Over 30 Symphony Orchestra Concerts... Multiple JUNO Award Winner... Multiple CMA Award Winner... Award Winning Author... and finally... Steve is a 2022 appointee to The Order of Canada for his contributions to Canadian music as a folk singer, songwriter and for his advocacy of social and community causes.

What you can expect from Steve's Guitar Masterclass

  • Technique

    You will learn the unique in-depth technique behind Steve's playing; along with all of the nuances, right hand techniques and Steve's own unique "accent or dialect" of playing Fingerstyle Guitar!

  • Immersive Content

    Steve & his team have filmed this Masterclass with multiple angles showcasing key views so you can get the absolute most out of these courses... there's even an interior view from inside Steve's guitar!

  • Go at YOUR pace

    Steve's Masterclass is designed and intended for you to go at your own unique pace giving yourself enough time to fully invest in each song. There is no deadline and no pressure...

  • Downloadable tabs & 'extras'

    Each course in this Masterclass has downloadable tabs for you to explore along with continuing future content of Steve's gear preferences, live & studio mic'ing techniques, interviews and more!

  • Value

    You will gain unprecedented access to a lifetime of experience, skill, technique & fingerstyle guitar mastery from Steve Bell for only $199.99 for all of the songs in Steve's instrumental repertoire both past and future songs! A savings of $1000's of dollars compared to personal one-on-one mentorship.

  • Online Community

    You will have access (if you wish) to an internal online community of co-learners within this course, where you can interact with each other and with Steve! Along the way, there will be LIVE webinars with Steve and guests.

A brief glimpse into this course...

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The Steve Bell Guitar Masterclass Curriculum

You will gain unprecedented access to a lifetime of knowledge, experience, & guitar mastery from Steve Bell... all at your fingertips in High Definition Video quality!

    1. Welcome to the Steve Bell Guitar Masterclass!

    1. Drumheller Circle - Performance Video

    2. SETTING THE STAGE: Drumheller Circle Welcome

    3. Song Story

    4. Tuning and Capo

    5. Chords

    6. Chords with (sung melody)

    7. Song Structure

    8. INTRO: Melody and Simple Bass

    9. INTRO: Melody With Alternating Bass

    10. INTRO: Bells & Whistles

    11. INTRO: Nuances

    12. SECTION A: Melody and Simple Bass

    13. SECTION A: Melody with Alternating Bass

    14. SECTION A: Bells & Whistles

    15. SECTION A: Nuances

    16. SECTION B: Melody and Simple Bass

    17. SECTION B: Melody With Alternating Bass

    18. SECTION B: Bells & Whistles

    19. TURNAROUND/ENDING: Melody and Simple Bass

    20. TURNAROUND/ENDING: Melody With Alternating Bass

    21. TURNAROUND/ENDING: Bells & Whistles

    22. *REVIEW*

    1. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: SLOW - Multicam View


    3. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: SLOW - Right Hand View

    4. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: SLOW - Left Hand View

    5. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: SLOW - Inside-Out View

    6. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: AT TEMPO - Multicam View


    8. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: AT TEMPO - Right Hand View


    10. DRUMHELLER CIRCLE: AT TEMPO - Inside-Out View

    1. Foxglove - Performance Video

    2. SETTING THE STAGE: Foxglove Welcome

    3. Song Story

    4. Tuning and Capo

    5. Chords

    6. Chords with (sung melody)

    7. Song Structure

    8. SECTION A: Melody and Simple Bass

    9. SECTION A: Melody with Alternating Bass

    10. SECTION B: Melody and Simple Bass

    11. SECTION B: Melody with Alternating Bass

    12. SECTION C: Melody and Simple Bass

    13. SECTION C: Melody with Alternating Bass

    14. SECTION D: Melody and Simple Bass

    15. SECTION D: Melody with Alternating Bass

    16. *REVIEW*

    1. *BONUS VIDEO* - Steve visits Ryan Guitars

    2. FOX GLOVE: SLOW - Multicam View

    3. FOX GLOVE: SLOW - Front View

    4. FOX GLOVE: SLOW - Right Hand View

    5. FOX GLOVE: SLOW - Left Hand View

    6. FOX GLOVE: SLOW - Inside-Out View

    7. FOX GLOVE: AT TEMPO - Multicam View

    8. FOX GLOVE: AT TEMPO - Front View

    9. FOX GLOVE: AT TEMPO - Right Hand View

    10. FOX GLOVE: AT TEMPO - Left Hand View

    11. FOX GLOVE: AT TEMPO - Inside-Out View

    1. INTRO to Fingerstyle Guitar: Lesson 1

    2. INTRO to Fingerstyle Guitar: Lesson 2

    3. INTRO to Fingerstyle Guitar: Lesson 3

About this Masterclass

  • Entire Masterclass will include 10 lessons/courses
  • +Plus BONUS content added periodically
  • Over 30 hours of content & 300+ videos

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  • Do I have to already be really good at guitar to take this masterclass?

    Absolutely not! It might help if you can strum a few basic chords already... but this is why you're here. If you're just starting out, Steve's songs may serve to spark your imagination to possibilities you've not yet imagined!

  • Is "Fingerstyle Guitar" the only type of style I'll be able to apply this masterclass to?

    Nope! You can take the techniques and tunings learned in this masterclass and apply them to your repertoire and whatever style you choose to play.

  • If this class isn't for me can I get my money back?

    Absolutely! Steve is offering a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason... no questions asked! There is absolutely NO risk to you giving this Masterclass a try!

  • Can I give this course as a gift?

    Yes you can! In the enrollment process there is an option to check a box to gift this course... and even a spot to personalize a message to the person you're gifting it to!

Click to watch the performance video of "Foxglove"

Bruce Cockburn's Iconic Instrumental Masterpiece

Steve's 100% Money Back Guarantee

If within the first 30 days of registering you find this isn't the Masterclass for you... Steve will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED... you've got nothing to lose!


What do those in the Guitar World & current students have to say about Steve and his Masterclass?

“Not only is Steve a great player, but it is so obvious that he is a true composer...and these recordings are stellar!”

PHIL KEAGGY - Guitar Legend

“Steve has the touch, feel and groove of a true master on his guitar. He writes gorgeous and memorable melodies that he makes sound simple... but that is the art of his sublime playing.”

MURRAY PULVER - Crash Test Dummies / Doc Walker / Steve Bell Band / Music Producer

“I am amazed how detailed the videos are. Being able to repeat and replay the trickiest parts is really helpful. Closeup videos of left and right hands are excellent, and the way Steve breaks the songs down with the chord groups and other efficient ways of playing are the best. ”

Current Student: The Steve Bell Guitar Masterclass

“Steve’s an anomaly in the singer-songwriter world in that he could make his way just as a guitarist... he’s that good.”

KEVIN RYAN - Ryan Guitars

***NOW LIVE***

Steve's next course: "Foxglove"

Steve's take on Legendary Singer/Songwriter Bruce Cockburn's famous song "Foxglove". *This 2nd course in the series is now LIVE and available to learn!